Man arrested en route to bridge party after boasting his ‘baysie biccies’ will hit you like a truck

A young man has been caught up in a Telegram sting after boasting that a special batch of pingers he’d sourced for the Bayswater Bridge Tribute Party would “hit you like a truck”. 

Police posed as a buyer and met the man hours before the celebration. In the messages exchanged the sergeant told the seller to “call him Baysie” because he wanted to get “absolutely walloped”. This proved a successful strategy. 

A spokesperson for the WA Police told The Times that the seller was a bit short in the tooth and the entire operation only took a few hours. Adding,

“Everyone is trying to make a bit of money off the day and this lad thought he’d hit the jackpot. I’m sure his goofballs would have been a hit at the community day but luckily we stopped him”

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Speaking through his lawyer, the suspect assured the community that there was nothing dangerous about the pingers and said the claims of their strength were greatly exaggerated. 

Not everyone in the community has found solace in the arrest. With every esh-train-rat along the Midland line spewin’ they didn’t get a chance to celebrate the bridge in their own way. 

Similarly, a local truckie said he didn’t need disco biscuits to enjoy the day. He told The Times,

“I’m high on life. My nemesis has been taken down and I’ll be dancing on her grave. You can’t top this feeling. You should press this into a pill and sell it, YEWWW”

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