Using Petitions for Personal Gain is for the Greater Good

I am FUCKING disgusted. After organising a boycott of my assignment until such time as Fraser Anning resigns from parliament, I was informed by the lecturer of my social science unit that I would receive a fail mark because my protest was “nonsensical and self-absorbed”

First of all, how DARE HE question my efforts to raise awareness of what Fraser Anning said. Secondly, how DARE a white MAN commit such a heinous microaggression and tell me I had “failed” – by his patriarchal standards – without even a trigger warning?

No, I WAS NOT going to be a “good, little girl” and accept this. My protest was seminal to the good of Australia and now I can’t go to California because of my white father has sided with this PIG and said I broke my promise to pass my units and will be withholding his agreement to pay for my flights to Coachella.

Clearly, my lecturer’s blatant defamation of my character was due to his underlying racism. Only someone who supported Fraser Anning would fail me so I decided to let the world know the truth about my lecturer. I drafted a petition to have him suspended and for a diverse panel consisting of gender-neutral & persons of colour to assist him with all future assessments.

Sadly, the petition failed to gain traction, so I decided some affirmative action was required. I spraypainted”RACIST SCUM” on his office door and then spent several nights trawling through every crevice of his disgusting social media pages to find some dirt.

SUCCESS! In 2011 he posted a tweet saying “crook guts from 2-day old Chinese food, never again!” Clearly a hate-filled statement about the hygiene practices of Asian people and a clear call to arms for other Australians to avoid Asian food. It’s all I needed.

After 2-weeks of raising awareness of his blatant prejudice, he took personal leave for “stress”. What a huge man-baby, how about all the people he has harmed with his race hate? These people never think about the victims though.

Last I heard, he found employment elsewhere. GOOD RIDDANCE. Ivanna – 1, Facist pig – 0. Looks like he won’t be failing ME again.

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