BoM Accused Of Being In Cahoots With Big Weather Over Lack of Forecasted Rain

Gardeners and rain enthusiasts alike have taken to social media to lay some pretty damning allegations on BoM. Accusing it of being involved in a hoax of some description to fool Perth into thinking it was going to get some decent rain this week.

We spoke to Daniel who wasn’t dealing with the 5th day in a row of unsatisfactory precipitation. He told us,

“I reckon it’s a big hoax to stop us using our sprinklers during the day! Every day, I’m promised rain, and guess what? Every day I’m left wanting. Ya gotta follow the money”

We also spoke to Dianne who turned up the wacko dial all the way up to 11 and told The Times,

“Some people are saying it’s a BoM & Government conspiracy to stop people using their sprinklers. I think it’s the exact opposite. You noticed how water bills are going through the roof?”

We begged her to continue,

“Well, BoM is just the face of the hoax. They are in cahoots with Big Weather who are on the payroll from the Water Corporation. Deprive us of rain using fancy rays and 6G transmissions. Have you noticed the big curved screen at Yagan Square is out? Yep, replaced with weather control rods to stop rain and keep us paying their exorbitant water costs”

According to Dianne, much of the State’s surplus has actually come from jacked-up water bills that are being driven up by stopping the natural course of rain.

Jeremy really rocked foundations with an even more paranoid rant. He told The Times,

“We’ve heard stories of some suburbs getting decent rainfall this week yet other suburbs nothing. Those BoM dogs are working with the Government and Big Weather to funnel rain to their mates and leave anyone who doesn’t submit to their authority to use their bore a bit more often”

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, Trey comes along with a take that was nuttier than a squirrel’s turd. He told The Times,

“Do you know why I’m wearing this wetsuit at all times? Clearly the rain has been whisked away to a secret lab and filled with the vaccine. It’s the only explanation for the delay in rainfall, think about and FOLLOW THE MONEY SHEEPLE”

Anyway you look at it, Perth is a City desperate for answers. Will forecasted rain ever appear again? Is it safe to plan a picnic on Saturday? Are we all just rats in Big Weather’s wicked experiment?

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