Clive Palmer calls for Trump to be indicted for not trying to overturn WA’s 2021 election

Clive Palmer has sensationally called for Trump to be indicted for his role in not maliciously and sneakily trying to overturn Mark McGowan’s landslide victory in the 2021 Western Australian election.

The mining blowhard alleges that the formerly most powerful man in the world had a duty to act in Clive’s interests and is “essentially responsible” for seeing him refused entry to WA and chuck a multi-year tantrum thereafter. A source close to Clive told The Times,

“He’s sent the Department of Justice over 500 emails about this. He’s even started up a petition that he keeps signing in different handwriting styles. Unable to land a win against McGowan in the Court he’s turning his mind to someone who gladly tries to overturn elections but didn’t”

Ideally, Clive is seeking to be imprisoned for his role in letting anti-Palmer sentiment flourish in the West and to be compensated to the tune of $1 Trillion. A figure that he says will be used to finance the Titanic 3 and a hostile takeover bid for BHP. A source added,

“Yeah, he wants to build another Titanic and then buy BHP and sack McGowan. He is prepared to burn as much cash on this as possible. It’s very important to him”

A spokesperson for the disgraced President Trump has released a statement saying that having allegedly failed to overturn the 2020 USA election meant his election-overturning spirits were down. Adding,

“Look if the allegations against Trump are proven then you have to understand that he just didn’t have it in him. Allegedly failing to overturn an election can really demotivate someone, especially in the field of alleged election overturning. Maybe Palmer should’ve tried harder himself?”

Legal experts are saying that American law enforcement is probably not going to take Palmer’s request seriously. Seems some things are universal.

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