Emotional Scenes As Perth Granddad Finally Reunited With A Decent Long Mac Topped Up

It was an emotional morning at Perth Airport, as a Perth grandfather Kev, who hadn’t visited Perth since the start of the pandemic finally got to reunite himself with a long mac topped up done right. 

Witnesses say the 62-year-old man tore through the crowds on arrival as he made a beeline to the nearest cafe. 

In the process, he even gave his son a “don’t argue” right to the face as an unacquainted grandchild was attempted to be put in his way. 

We spoke to the son who told The Bell Tower Times,

“He was a man on a mission, the wife and I was pretty excited for him to meet his grandchild but after being away from WA so long he obviously had his priorities, and we understand that. After all, this little shitmachine is pretty annoying”

A cameraman tried to capture the moment he sipped his first decent long mac topped up for a coupla years and was abruptly told, “don’t TALK to ME when I’m drinking a LONG MAC TOPPED UP”.  Kev was dead serious and was instantly given a wide berth as the taste of WA warmed his aching heart. 

After finishing his long mac topped up Kev told us, 

“They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and you bloody ripper, that was a damn good coffee. You just can’t find a good long mac topped up anywhere else in the world. I’d actually been keeping a couple of calendars are marking down the days until I could hold the little cup of joy in my hands again”

Kev’s daughter-in-law said after Kev had satisfied his liquid desires he turned his attentions to their 2-year-old grandson. She told us, 

“Kev’s a funny old codger, he told us that maybe if we’d named our boy long mac topped up he wouldn’t have shoved his son in the face to get to the cafe first. He then asked our boy if he knew how the roadworks were going on the Freeway”

To make up for lost time, Kev has planned a multi-Dome tour of Perth with his grandchild to get as many long macs as he can into him. Telling us,

“One thing the pandemic and border closures have taught, is that you don’t know how much time you really have. So hold the things you love close to you”

His tight grip on his takeaway long mac topped up almost burs the cup. A tear even rolled down his cheek. 

What a beautiful story of longing hearts finally united. 

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