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Freo fan sells glass Clive Waterhouse had a Jägerbomb out of at Clubba in ‘03 to afford finals tickets

A lifelong Freo member and true believer in Flagmantle has done the unthinkable and put the most valuable thing he owns to market this week in a hope of raising funds to afford tickets to the final in Melbourne next week. 

For almost 20 years, Brett has kept the glass that he alleges was used by Clive Waterhouse to down a Jägerbomb at Clubba in 2003. It holds centre stage on his mantlepiece and was previously thought to be “priceless” to the man. 

Feeling a little sad but hopeful of finals tickets, Brett told The Times,

“I think this is what Clive would have wanted. You could never own something so valuable, you are just a temporary custodian of its greatness. It’s time to pass it on so I can continue my personal Flagmantle journey”

So far, Brett has been inundated with lowballers and time wasters. However, his resolve remains strong. Adding,

“It’s like the holy grail being on Marketplace. Of course, you’ll get people wanting to own it for cheap but I think $2,500 is fair. I’ve been tempted to do a Jägerbomb in it to try and achieve immortality like Clive but I didn’t want to ruin its preserved state”

We spoke to a sports memorabilia expert who said that if the glass indeed had the sugary residue of a Waterhouse bender then its value could be astronomical,

“Genuine Waterhouse DNA. That’s not something you’ll find at Cash Converters. I estimate that the glass could fetch anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 should the right collector come around”

So far, the best offer appears to be from a “Clive W” who is prepared to part with $500 and Tony Modra’s left sock. Brett said he was considering the offer. 

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