REPORT: Certainly A Lot Of Pulling Over Going On Today On The Way Back From Bunbury

The only groovin the state’s P-Platers were doing today was rocking out in the emergency lane of Forrest Highway offering up a chunky serenade of their stomach lining. It’s truly a case of Groovin the Spew.

As it turns out, the effects of excessive alco-popping and MD can run an absolute train on inexperienced revellers. Especially if you treated yourself to a cheesy Bunbury sausage this morning. And we’re not talking about the kind you find at the servo. 

We spoke to a Jacinta who had to get ask her friend to pull over 3 times before even leaving Bunbury she told The Times,

“Why am I like this? Two more hours of this ughhhhhhhhh. I got some down the side of the car so now it just stinks like spew. I don’t think I’m very popular at the moment”

Locals however are taking it in their stride. Admitting it’s only a slightly higher amount of bodily fluids they navigate on your average Bunbury Sunday morning anyway. A local Bunbarian told The Times,

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“Yeah, we’ve grown up with the aftermath of Fitzys. We know a crook P-Plater when we see one. It’s all part of the Bunbury lifestyle. Drink until you need to get your car details ha ha. Just look at me, I’m on me 4th brekkie bourbon”

Motorists are advised to exercise caution when pulling over as they may just step in a nice juicy pile of regret. Or worse, as a Hilux driver demonstrated earlier today. He told The Times,

“Ah yeah, I reckon shelving 3 last night messed me up. I thought I could get to the servo toilet but yeah, I didn’t. Got most of it on the road but my jocks are a disgrace. Serves me right for going to Groovin the Moo, I’m 35 mate and the misso is at home with our baby. I’m out here cacking my dacks in Bunbury”

On a brighter note, the sale of Maximus is absolutely through the roof. A true boon for the South West. 

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