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IN FOCUS: The Commodore Arm

For years, Commodore owners have favoured driving with their arm out the window. Originally developed as a way to air out the driver’s B.O en route to the bogan mating ritual of Gold Class cinema, it is now understood to be a show of dominance on the road.

In the early stages of Commodore ownership, we typically notice the driver rest their arm on the windowsill; the young Commodoreling is feeling out his new environment and isn’t ready to take things further.

When the driver hits commodore-pubity they are keen to show the old guard that they are coming for the crown. At this stage, the driver is developing a fatty bourbon-bicep and has half an arm sleeve from Bali. Only now are they ready to reel out their guns like they were an NRA rep at a One Nation boozy lunch.

In a marvellous spectacle, the driver cocks their arm, leaving their elbow on the windowsill and grips the roof with their hand. Bullseye. Lady drivers have been known to void their warranties on account of flood damage after seeing this display of strength. Pow, pow.

It is not until the Commodore drive has completed the important rite of passage of calling all cops dogs on Facebook that he may hang his arm lower than a shark’s balls. At this stage, the forearm section of the sleeve has been completed and the driver has entered their final form.

It is at this stage the Commoking is ready to have his mate film a vertically orientated video of himself doing a sick doughie or a hectic burnout in a South Lake car park. While it may seem like a minor detail, the burnout is declared null & void without the presence of the low hanging Commodore arm.

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