Just Add Soy: A Guide to the Earth Mother

My earth mother, to this day encourages me to engage in breastfeeding to extend her journey of motherhood and the experience of being a woman. I am blessed to share such a bond with my mother goddess which allows me to journey deep into my soul and relive the pure innocence of childhood to reach the highest form of consciousness. Come with me as I explore life’s journey of paying tribute to your earth mother.  


It is always important to remember where you came from. Your mother’s yoni is the most sacred path you travel. I have spent most of my adult life endeavouring to recreate the journey of birth to pay tribute to the sacred power of the earth mother. My mother goddess pays tribute to me through assisting my rebirthing. This allows me to wash away the negative charge in my cellular memory and surrender to bliss while mother is able to absorb the love I am injecting into the universe. This bliss, in my experience is only achievable through close bondage with mother.

Thoughtful Gifts

You know your mother best. After all, you came out of her. She deserves to be treated like the mother goddess she is. She sacrificed her sacred flower so you may live, so it is only fair that you spread your seed of kindness to her every chance you get. Yoni Eggs are ancient crystals that have been used for thousands of years for vaginal tightening, enhancing sexual pleasure and bladder leakage. I handcrafted my earth mother’s very own Yoni egg with my bare hands one Christmas, from ancient Nepalese stone. “Merry Xmas, 2016, Love from your Jabey”, is a simple yet effective message and a reminder of a very special time in my life. I highly recommend that you gift a personalised egg, to your very own earth mother. This allows the relationship to be strengthened with the egg both inside and out. Every time she inserts the crystal into her sacred yoni she will relive the beauty of your birth while working to increase her vaginal tightness and orgasm strength. It also serves as a work of art and looks great on the mantelpiece.

Self Improvement

The ultimate show of love to the mother goddess is living your best life. As the most important person in your mother’s life it is your duty to become your best self. I practice what I call self love as tribute. This means that when I practice self care, whether it be grooming, relaxation exercises or spreading my seed I am celebrating my mother goddess. She brought me into this world and deserves to see me flourish and grow and become the best me I can be. So next time you think to yourself what would mother want? Treat yourself.