Perth woman thanks Monet in Paris exhibitors for the chance to update her Bumble photo

Perth woman Danni has thanked the company bringing Monet in Paris to Perth for the opportunity to update her online dating profile photo. She is not alone in this sentiment with a predicted 20,000 Monet in Paris backdrops expected to grace Bumble in November.

Flicking through a list of scum that has built up in her inbox, Danni told The Times,

“There comes a point where my old Van Gogh in Perth photo just wasn’t reeling in the right man-fish. I like to show that I’m cultured and go to art exhibits to try and deter the BCF ambassadors and general pieces of shit. Alas, they find me”

Despite the exhibit being several months away, Danni is already planning her poses and exact angles for her backdrops. Critics of her approach argue that the average dickpull in the Perth dating scene won’t appreciate the effort. Her sister told The Times,

“She’s going to attract some pretentious douchebag lawyer who will tell her he’s hoping to buy into his law firm and one day afford his own Monet to hang on his wall. What a load of wank. I tell her to stick with the Canola field trespass photos. They are a good middle ground”

To get a balanced view, we spoke to a bloke who has been looking for “the one” on dating apps for some time. He told The Times,

“I’d love to meet with a bit of culture. I spend my days on Reddit giving unsolicited critiques of short films. So we are a good match I think. Obviously, she’ll have to pass my little test – what suburb Claude, yes I am on a first name basis with all the major artists, was born in Paris. Make sure she’s legitimate about culture”

Damn, you’re a lucky girl if you can land that guy Danni. Best of luck.