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Mr International Woman’s Day

Don’s online rants against women make Saudi Arabia’s decision only to use the little stones today look like making breaky in bed for your mum on mother’s day.

It’s not fair to say Don dislikes women. His laptop’s keyboard looks like Spiderman saved it from a falling widow, so clearly he likes the look of them, and judging by his latest restraining order, he really likes the smell of them too.

No, Don feels threatened by women like he was a praying mantis that just left his she-mantis unsatisfied in bed.

Needless to say, Don reacts to International Women’s Day by posting the written equivalent of a 2am pube-acious dick pic: unwanted and unlikely to win him favour with the opposite sex:

“World girlys day? Whens intonationel MANS day? Oh thats right, it would offend the little snowflakes lol.. Every day is girls day when u got a kitchen LOL fucking feminists, bullshit…lol”

The post is met with little resistance as women had long deserted his FB friends list like it was the Taxi industry.

He rolls into work and is busting to rock some foundations at smoko. It was going to be a repeat of his female AFL rant, where he reacted like a nurse had stuck an unnecessary catheter into the penis of a sport that didn’t need any assistance from a girl.

“Can you blokes believe our tax dollars are paying for fucken girls day? Fuck that for a joke cunt, saw some dude post a pic of his wife on Facey ay, being all like i appreciate you bla bla, sucking his wife’s dick… what a poof ay”

His smoko crew are the kinds of men not burdened by female company anyway. They react in agreeance, as Don continues to “tell it how it is”:

“Yous just wait, next it’ll be she-male day and then world use whatever toilet yous want day ay. Enjoy shitting next to a fucken it. Political correctness gone mad.. Fucken snowflakes”

C’mon Don if you really want to shit on feminism, or whatever point you are making, go and join the over parivileged fem-wits who are campaigning for female shaped pedestrian crossing light. Your incoherencies are achieving nothing.

As evidenced by his ranting, he is driven by a dislike of women that he cannot define. His only recourse to feeling threatened is to gnaw away at feminism like a rat that is ultimately scared of a little pussy… cat.

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