Mr Trump

When it comes to inequality, America is an all you can hashtag buffet, serving up bleeding heartery like a Hemophiliac at a blood bank.

Of course, Dan didn’t give a fuck about any of that until the gelatinous Trump spermazoid wriggled its way closer and closer into social media’s ova and fertilised a mighty trend.

Being well versed in John Oliver’s monologues, he decides to exercise his cunt-ocractic right to make Dan great again!

“My heart goes out to each and every woman, Muslim and Mexican tonight. I never believed America could be so bigoted, this is truly the end of times. To every woman, Muslim and Mexican, come to Australia, there is always a bed under my roof for you – you too Hilary! Where is Harambe when you need him? ”

Oh fuck yeh, he grabbed those easy likes by the pussy and is feeling sicker than Waleed Aly spitting freestyle monologues in the mirror while his wife drops the anti-Trump beat.

The female, Muslim and Mexican communities can breathe a sigh of relief that such a passionate advocate has joined their cause for a couple of posts or until he gets 100 likes. Whatever comes first really.

Unfortunately, the Trumproach bomb made more than just insincere shitheads scamper for attention. It also released a wave of confused trolls whose prejudice is as thinly veiled as the hair under their fedoras.

Ron emerges from the woodwork as unimpressed as a men’s right’s journalist covering a Gynecology convention:

“Fuck off leftard. Couldn’t THROW Hillary further than I could trust her. If yous think a bit of locker room talk and sensible physical barriers in the fight against them lot getting in is wrong, then wake up buddy”

A fair point if you hold a President to the same standard as a day-drunk tradie in the Peninsula Tavern front bar.

The high horsing clashing with the seething bigotry makes the exchange as skin crawling as a dermatitic meth-head who cheaped out on laundry powder.

Geez these people have the best words.

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