Perth Man Evidently Impressed After Exclaiming “That’s Hell Good, Ay”

Perth local, Brayden was clearly impressed after bestowing the highest order of WA praise on his mate’s disgusting backyard Bali renovations today, excitedly exclaiming, “that’s hell good, ay”, while chucking a double shakas with his tongue out of his mouth.

In WA culture, something can only be “hell good” if it’s demonstrably more impressive than being merely, “farken sikkk”. Not everything makes the grade, so to hear it about your DIY project would be truly emotional. 

By all reports, Trev was quietly confident he was on to a winner after wrapping his above-ground fiberglass pool in bamboo and chucking up a few tiki torches he found on the roadside. However, he didn’t want to count his chickens before they hatched.

Trev told The Bell Tower Times, 

“Braydz a hard man to please at toimes ay. Carnt once deadset looked at me in me eyes and told me that me home brew tasted like shit. He’s a bloody honest bloke, so his reaction to me backyard has me stoked bruzzy”

We interrupted Brayden from scrolling through FB and criticising burnout videos that were uploaded. He told us,

“Worst thing yous can be in this world is a yes man. A sloice of Bali in your backyard is hell good bro, HELL GOOD. I haven’t been over cos of the Rona so I got around Trevo. You see that little poster he got of the Bali girl ahahah, farkn yewww”

To put things into perspective, the other things that Brayden has exclaimed to be “hell good, ay” was:

  • The news the prosecutors had decided to discontinue the charge of having a slash on a tree in Scabs against him;
  • Almost every bickie between 2004-2008;
  • His misso going to Thailand in 2016 and getting a new set of melons;
  • Dom Sheed’s clutch goal in the 2018 AFL grand final;
  • Ben Cousins running from a booze bus;
  • Finding $20 in the pocket of some old jeans;
  • That meme of Johnny Howard DJ’ing like a “madcunnt”;
  • Mick Fanning yoking a shark;
  • The early 2000s hip hop extravaganza during half time of Super Bowl 2022;
  • Footage of himself sending his Patrol over some dunes at Lancelin;
  • His mate drawing a huge dong on his cast that was required after the incident;
  • A mate bringing a fresh carton of cruisers around on News Years Day;
  • Women’s beach volleyball.

The list goes on. 

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