Perth Woman Posting “What Winter?” Conveniently Forgot Cold Induced Meltdown 2 Weeks Ago

Jane has boldly posed a question to her followers after snapping the beautiful blue Perth sky this afternoon – “WHAT WINTER???” Obviously alluding to Perth’s comparatively mild cold season.

Her smug display of Perth’s seasonal brilliance was intended as a direct attack on several of her friends living in bleak Smellburn.

However, what Jane didn’t tell you is that during this very same winter, only 2 weeks ago, she had a full meltdown every single day over the cold weather ruining her vibe. 

On one occasion, she had to be up at 6am for an earlier start at work. Her housemate witnessed the ordeal and told The Times,

“She was walking around like one of those sand Jawa thingos. She had an Oodie and additional blanket over her as she almost cried making a cup of tea. It was pathetic”

Similarly, she agreed to go on an evening stroll with her friend and become so distressed with the cold, intrusive wind that she cut the walk short telling her friend to never call he for this kind of bullshit ever again.

Time will tell if she can maintain her smug attitude towards Perth’s winter when the City cops its annual 2 and a half days of proper winter weather in July/August.

She also conveniently forgot about all her meltdowns when commenting on her eastern state mate’s photos. One comment read,

“You call that weather sis 😛 You should come to Perth! Maybe experience some proper weather 😛 😛 😛 luv ya xoxoxoxo”

For a woman who keeps a hot water bottle under her shirt while at work on a 20 degree day, it’s quite a bold claim indeed. 

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