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Rookie electric skateboarder reckons it’s a stunning day to visit the emergency department 

Perth man, Grant, has woken up in a real mood to get his electric skateboard out and make his eventual grand entrance to the RPH emergency department looking as cool as possible.

Grant has a good feeling about it. After all, his wrist almost has full movement back after his last date with the concrete earlier in the year. So he’s ready to show society what he’s got. 

While preparing to once again get too cocky on his board, Grant messaged a friend telling him that if things go as planned today he might be asking for a nurse’s phone number. 

Awaiting a panicked phone call to take his mate to the ED, Grant’s friend told The Times,

“He absolutely wrecked his shit last time and judging by his same overconfident tone I reckon there’s more than a slight chance he’s going to bust his face open again”

Grant’s neighbour greeted him on his way out. Telling The Times,

“He said the crisp spring air and sunshine reminds him of sweet smell of hospital disinfectant and N₂O gas. I told him to be careful and he just told me, no chance”

Grant was last seen heading down his street zig zagging about like a Lord of Dogcunt town. His cockiness levels only exacerbated by the presence of attractive women in activewear. 

A passerby overheard him yell, “I’m getting some Panadeine Forte, today baby!” Absolute dayfaaaittt.

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