Vehicular menace devastated to learn getting new licence number won’t erase 11 demerit points

After a lengthy wait at a Perth licencing centre, vehicular menace & all round hoon Brantony has had his dreams shattered.

His first query when he finally got to the front of the queue was whether a new licence would essentially mean a “fresh start”. Of course, he was referring to the dirty 11 demeros on his licence that are lingering like a drunk uncle on Boxing Day. 

A DoT employee was forced to pop his deluded bubble and advise him that all driving offences will, naturally, carry over to the new driver’s licence number. Brantony howled in despair, telling The Times,

“What a waste of time ay, why do I care if some kid has me drivers licence number. Who would want to pretend to be me ha ha ha, that’s what mum told me anyway ay ha ha ha”

It’s true, one might be hard pressed to imagine any scammer looking at Brantony would think they’d found the perfect mark. After all, he is heavily in debt and has a mini bucket set up in the centre console of his car. 

After hearing the news, Brantony allegedly turned to the line and loudly announced, “the dogs aren’t wiping demerits”. We understand over 35 men & women left the line in a huff. Brantony continued,

“I’m the victim of this data hack but I’m being treated like the criminal I am. How’s that for fair? I need those demerits gone cuz”

We understand that Brantony feels uncomfortable doing fat skidz knowing that even a minor speeding fine could see him back to driving with a suspended licence. A situation Brantony doesn’t want and a situation the law has made very clear it doesn’t want. 

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