WA Gardeners Launch Class Action Against Perth Winter Over “Unconscionable” Dryness

Members of the Perth gardening community have held crisis talks over Perth winter hitting ‘em with a piss-pour effort during a period they can normally put down their hoses. 

Combined with the above-average daily temperatures, many Perth gardeners claim they’ve had to water their yards to prevent mass herbicide on their watch. 

We spoke to Tony who sends himself broke every summer watering his over-the-top garden. He told The Times,

“Where is the rain? I’m out there a couple of days a week on average watering my garden when I should be sitting back and enjoying free labour from ol’ mother nature popping a squat over my babies”

The group of concerned green thumbs will be bringing an action for compensation of the time and in some cases expenses of keeping their gardens lush during this period. 

One plaintiff joining the action is claiming damages for mental distress caused by the anxiety of thinking about her lovely English garden wilting when she’s at work, adding,

“Some of my plants have even decided to flower! They don’t know what’s going on and someone has to be held accountable. I’ve had to put my retic on in winter! This is the end of days”

Not all are convinced the case has merit. One lawyer specialising in horticultural law said that Perth winter is providing enough dew to keep gardens ticking over. Adding,

“No doubt it’s been a disappointing rain performance but these people are just addicted to rainfall. They start itching when it goes more than a few days without a shower. There should be plenty of dew to keep the status quo”

Much of the South West region is experiencing higher levels of dryness this winter and the action is only expected to grow in plaintiffs. 

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