WA Parents Warn Kids They’ll Spend Rest Of School Holidays In An Airport Queue If They Don’t Behave

WA Parents Josh & Cindy have devised a novel way to ensure their crotch goblins behave in public. 

Warning them that they’ll be sent to an airport queue with all the other unlucky children if they don’t lift their game. 

Families foolish enough to think a cheeky winter holiday was going to be possible have spent most of their time off in lengthy, unforgiving airport queues. By all accounts, the kids hate it. 

Josh overlooked his well-behaved kids as he bragged about his genius to The Times, adding,

“I just show them some disgusting queue at Perth domestic and they just stfu. It’s magical. It’s the best deterrent we’ve come across yet and that includes not letting them watch Bluey”

Similarly, Cindy’s eardrums have had time to heal after not hearing one patience-shattering shriek from either of her little entitledlings, telling The Times,

“Today our youngest almost had a tantrum over ice cream in Freo. I just reminded him that there are children without iPads waiting to check-in after 4 hours and they just clam up. It’s magical”

Before learning about the heinous airport situation, the young couple relied on the threat of 2 weeks in Bunbury to ensure good behaviour. 

It was effective but lacked the pure stopping power of the thought of wasting your life waiting for a plane. 

Currently, Perth Airport is advising that families get to the airport 2 days early to ensure they don’t miss their flights.

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