Boss who spends Monday morning golfing and Friday arvo pissed questions work ethic of his plebs wanting a 4 day working week

A WA boss who describes himself on Linkedin as the kind of guy who leads from the front and weathers the storm with his crew has lashed out at the growing chorus wanting a 4 day working week. 

He has accused workers of having “no work ethic” and even going on to call anyone wanting a better work/life balance a parasite on the gills of a true boardroom predator like himself. Not *that* kind of predator though – the HR investigation was inconclusive thank you very much. 

It is indisputable that the man knows a thing or two about a 4 day working week. In the last 20 years, he has never stepped foot in the office before lunch on a Monday and after lunch on a Friday. 

That’s not to mention taking “winter” off to holiday in Europe and at the first sign of warmer weather, those long lunches tend to start from Wednesday to Friday. Nevertheless, he has a stern message for his lazy, entitled workforce,

“Want a 4 day working week do ya? Why stop there? Don’t want to come in on Friday? Then please don’t come in on the other days. How about a 0 day working week you cockroach? You are all shit on my shoe. I OWN you”

You’ll have to forgive old mate. He’s still recovering from the 4 bottles of champagne he drank at the Melbourne Cup luncheon before passing out in his chair until about 5 pm, where he emerged to demand a progress report on the latest tender documents. 

We spoke to an employee under the glorious leader who told The Times,

“He’s no one to talk about work ethic. He got the company from his dad and if it wasn’t for the bean counters he would have sunk this ship years ago. Who is he kidding anyway? Does he think a single minute of work gets done by us on a Monday morning or Friday arvo when he’s off? Why not just make it official”

To help silence the wills of his workers, the boss has decided to make it clearer in future interviews that any new staff are his property. 

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