Perth giraffe Inkosi “fending it off with a stick” after flexing his 6151 postcode to SA hick Giraffes

The boy from WA is apparently making waves in Monarto after rolling in strong with his big smoke ways. By all accounts, the South Australian giraffes can’t get a big enough slice if they tried. 

Inkosi was sent to Monarto as part of a breeding program to save his kind and he’s wasted no time making that a VERY realistic reality. A spokesperson for the longed necked superstar told The Times,

“Inkosi rolled in VIP, as he do, and instantly the rural SA giraffe-chicks knew they were dealing with a hot stepper. A big city man. The George Clooney of juvenile male giraffes. It was hot up in there”

A spokesperson for the Monarto Safari Park told The Times,

“These are simple giraffe gals, used to a humble life. You can only imagine how interested they were in this bloke who rocked up that used to live in one of Perth’s most exclusive postcodes. He knows Ricciardo, let’s just say that”

Indeed, Inkosi has been charming the ladies with stories of being able to catch a glimpse of the Windsor and the legion of fans who’ll queue up outside his private residence (zoo) to catch a glimpse of the Perth-born celebrity. 

Needless to say, the breeding program is well underway. Judging by the female giraffe’s eye’s alone. They know they have a catch and they ain’t about to let it slip. 

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