King Charles to stay at Kelmscott Castle when he visits Western Australia

King Charles is rumoured to be visiting Australia sometime this year and preparations for his WA stay have already been made. 

To honour the man’s regal tastes, WA has offered the King accommodation in SOR’s premier castle – Kelmscott Castle at Fancote Park. 

His majesty will enjoy all the luxuries of Kelmscott including a VIP tour of the grounds and ruins of the old Sizzler. 

A royal advisor told The Times,

“If you’ve seen Buckingham Palace you know the King is into the finer things in life. We hear there are many shiny wonderful jewels that adorn the floor of Kelmscott Castle – beautiful gemstones forged from a King Brown”

He’ll also be in the right spot for medical treatment with the castle having plenty of medical supplies – namely needles – at hand’s reach of his staff. 

We understand that the King is keen to make a pilgrimage to the site of the O.G Red Roota and “get a strip sub up him”. His royal advisors have pleaded with the King not to address the delicacy by its new name the Rippa. 

Unfortunately, the King can only stay a short while in Kelmscott as he’ll be required to meet the city’s King of the North at Neptune Park to talk Kingly shit. 

We can also confirm that Prince Andrew is unlikely to come on the tour but in the event he does he will be banned from accessing any of WA’s islands.

We all know what the man likes to get up to on an island. Allegedly. 

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