AFL apologises to Collingwood for making them play an away game at the G last night

The AFL has taken full responsibility for Collingwood’s loss last night claiming that two away games in 3 weeks was very distressing for the team.

Even if that second away game happened to be at the MCG. Despite the home team St Kilda’s home ground being Marvel Stadium.

Nevertheless, an away game is an away game, right? An AFL spokesperson told The Times,

“Just hearing those words ‘away team’ causes the Collingwood footy team and fans to get into a real panic. We, The AFL, the custodians of helping the Pies do well take full responsibility for what happened last night, we should never have made them play away, even if that was just on paper”

Collingwood once again was dominated on the ground and will no doubt wake up with a premiership-migraine that a few pep-talk-panadols won’t be able to fix.

Accordingly, the AFL has launched an investigation into the viability of allowing the Pies to play every single remaining game of the season at the G. Adding,

“In theory, they will have away games but we just won’t mention it. They’ll have their team name first on the line up and we’ll just ask the other team who has to play a home game at the MCG to deal with it for the glory of the chosen ones”

No doubt the AFL is very invested in their favoured Victorian clubs doing well and it’s great to see them get on the front foot and address this controversy.

St Kilda has asked the AFL if they are going to be compensated with an actual home game and were told to shut up. Read the damn room St Kilda, Collingwood is 0-3.

Magpie fans remain unhappy and should be avoided at all costs today.

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