8 Perth suburb Zooper Dooper Flavours

Rockingham Raspberry – the sweet berry will take you back to the days when you were foraging for a mate at the Swingin’ Pig. As the syrup swirls around your mouth you’ll be treated to tasting notes of paternal incarceration, repossessed Harleys, and a summery blast of a smoking area vape-off with that weak dog who was giving you the eye.

O’Connor Orange – a supercharged flavour that will leave a mark on your tongue like it was some asphalt in your favourite burnout pad around the back of an industrial estate. Savour the sweet as you prepare for a note of bitterness like you were out-Forklifted by the new forkie who also got the extra sweet “darl” from the saucy middle-aged broad in the food van.

Lesmurdie Lime – a citrusy blast of higher altitude localism and intense sourness between the old guard and blow-ins looking for their little hill-change. Suck out all the juicy sweetness from the block before getting stuck into the icy reception you give flat landers on your bi-yearly trip to the big smoke.

Fremantle Fairy Floss – much like fairy floss the Fremantle Zooper Dopper is a nostalgic experience that once revisited as an adult you realise how much of a letdown it can be. Enjoy pockets of exciting flavours mixed with a stale aftertaste of sheep piss and retailer tears. Needs more bog laps.

Peppy Grove Pineapple – a tropical burst of intergenerational wealth, nepotism, and tangy elitism. It’s perfect for sweetening up your juice for when you drop a big load of judgment on the tradesman that has come over to fix your sprawling estate. This one isn’t to be shared amongst the plebs.

Cannington Cola – a fizzy South Eastern blend of raw road rage & cinnamon congestion that will leave you with a higher insurance premium and perhaps a trip to the ED when someone goes off their kola nut at you. You’ll be left with a sour taste in your mouth whenever anyone brings up the A word around you again (Albany Highway).

Balcatta Blackcurrant – a culinary journey through the old country. A flavour bolder than a Terracotta lion perfectly diluted like your mouth was a driveway and Nonno had the Balcatta broom. Close your eyes as you enjoy the sharp zest of Nonna pointing out how fat you’re getting while paradoxically forcing more food down your throat.

Byford Bubblegum – a semi-rural celebration of sub par infrastructure mixed with the quirky fun of anti-authoritarian sentiment. You’ll want to chew on this flavour all night as you reflect on finally understanding the flavours found at the end of Tonkin. A journey you never thought you’d embark on but here you are.

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