Carnarvon man left with a week’s meal prep after dropping his groceries on the footpath for a few seconds

A Carnarvon man was left shocked today after accidentally dropping a few bags of groceries out of his car and finding himself with a week’s worth of fully-cooked meals.

While the produce only lay on the hot footpath for a few minutes, he found himself with an exciting range of meals including: full english brekkie, a complete lamb roast, chocolate & cheese fondue, and of course a lovely little lava cake. He told The Times,

“Yeah wow, I knew it was hot. They said it almost cracked 50 but I didn’t fully appreciate how savage the heat was until I saved hours of cooking time simply by oafishly dropping all my shit on the floor. Thanks global warming”

After placing all his cooked food into containers, the man wondered what he was going to do with all his free time.

It was then he remembered the ice cold 6 pack that he’d picked up from a mate on his way home. Alas, he’d left that bag on his car bonnet for 2 seconds and was scolded by his first froff. His partner told The Times,

“I told him to blow on his beer before taking a sip! It was steaming! My god it’s hot but at least we don’t have to worry about turning the oven on or standing over a BBQ. I think I’ll pop down to the shops to get some more stuff to do a few extra banana bread loaves for my folks”

Needless to say, the man’s boasting on social media has led to a few others following suit. With footpath BBQs cranking all along the wretchedly hot hellscape.

Just make sure you blow on your beer before taking a sip, cobs!

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