Speed camera operator absolutely dominates game of hide & seek at nephew’s birthday

A Western Australian speed camera operator has been accused of ruining his nephew’s 5th birthday party by deploying his unmatched hiding skills during a friendly game of hide & seek.

The birthday boy’s mother told The Times that she expected the adults in attendance to pick challenging but ultimately discoverable locations. Accusing her relative of taking it too far. Adding,

“If he doesn’t want something to be noticed, it won’t be noticed, that’s the secret to his success but it’s a bloody kid’s game! He didn’t have to hide in the thick bush with a ghillie suit at the base of a decline in our yard!”

Naturally, the speed camera operator in question has no remorse about his actions. Even going as far to claim his stealth ability was a community service.

To make matters worse, old mate brought his camera operator buddy to the party and decided to hide 5m away. Dealing a 2fa 1 double blow to the young boy who sailed to reduce his speed and properly check the area. His mate told The Times,

“Farkennnn yewwwwwww, we absolutely crushed it. Should’ve seen the tears on the little shit’s face when he couldn’t find everyone. We made a bet with him that if he couldn’t find us we get to eat his share of the bday cake. Sucker”

He went on to explain that the genius of hiding at the base of a decline was the fact the boy would naturally speed up as he walked past the area. Making it even harder to spot their camouflage.

We understand the Police Force has awarded the two men for their fine commitment to hiding on the weekend.

It appears the lads were in fine form!

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