$40M Powerball winner blows cover after man spotted signing lease for East Freo rental

Speculation has once again swirled over which WA resident took out the $40M Powerball last night. However, an eagle-eyed witness reckons they cracked the code after watching a man “happily” sign a lease for a East Freo rental. 

It was big millionaire energy and not something your average Joe could possibly look at doing. The witness told The Times,

“You could tell this guy just came into a bit of money. Hyundai car keys but signing a lease for a rental. In Perth? In fkn East Freo? C’mon, he’s probably waiting for property prices to drop before snapping up a bargain so is happy to rent for now”

Experts speculate that to have actually got the East Freo rental the man would’ve had to have offered significantly more than the asking price pcm. Telling The Times,

“Yeah, absolutely you are looking at a millionaire that wanted to really splash some cash. Anyone can buy a house in WA at the moment but it’s the elites that can rent. This is one slick baller but he gave the game away, obviously”

We tried to get an interview with the suspected winner who was later spotted nearby ordering 2 portions of chips for himself. A move that absolutely stunk of newly acquired wealth. He declined to give a full interview but did say,

“I used to be bothered by the price of chips but now I’m not. Read into that any way you like, pal”

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