Man Avoids Fine After Convincing Rangers Bogged Ford Was A Sculpture By The Sea

A man has avoided a fine for successfully convincing the Cottesloe Council Rangers that a “collectors’ item Ford station wagon  was in fact, an art installation for the Sculptures By The Sea exhibit. 

In an impassioned plea to the council, the man argued that the installation clearly a piece of art given the southern cross bumper sticker and its historical significance to future generations. 

We understand the man told the Council that art is nothing without the meaning behind it. Adding,

“Kids today wouldn’t know the first thing about the days of the Ford station wagon ruling WA streets. That bad boy is a reminder of simpler times. A time a lot of the dads visiting the exhibition will greatly appreciate”

His initial argument was rejected by the Council and they told the man to make sure his piece of shit wagon had a valid permit for parking on the beach next time. That’s when he brought in a big wig to argue his case. His lawyer told The Times,

“It speaks of a City of contrast. A vehicular boogeyman that haunted the Western Suburbs during the old days of the Cott sunday session. A reminder of the past. A past we cannot erase. This vehicle has great significant to Cottesloe and it’s worth reflecting on”

The vehicle will remain at Cottesloe for the duration of the exhibit. 

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