Perth Can Finally Rest Easy Again Now The City West Dome Is Being Restored 

It has been an uneasy month for Perth as the City West Dome was removed suddenly one morning. Many felt like the city had been sent into a kind of cultural retrograde. 

However, just as she left us on that fateful day in March she has risen from the ashes like old mate Jesus himself. Bringing a message – everything might just be alright. 

Local pisswreck, Damo said he needed the sparkling lights of the dome to help him forget about his endless list of social faux-pas committed on a night out in Northbridge. Adding,

“Twinkle twinkle Scitech stars, I say to myself. It brings me to my happy place while I try to forget about getting kicked out of the Brass Monkey for having a slash at the bar”

It’s also a sign that car cruise meets can resume. Many expressed their fast & furious views at the dome’s temporary absence.

“If I’m honest I’m always more focused on how Vin my Diesel arm is looking and whether the teen in my passenger seat is looking at it. So I never really paid attention to directions and obviously real boy racers don’t use GPS. So, I relied on the dome to get me to the meet. It’s my star of WRXehem”

Just look at that beauty:

Justin G

It’s not just Perth that has missed the dome, her influence clearly spreading to the far corners of the globe. An Indonesian family decided to postpone their travel plans until order was restored. 

We spoke to Adika who was overjoyed at the news,

“Finally, Perth is worth visiting again. We booked our tickets and then they went and removed the dome? It would be like Bali if they removed the requirement for locals to call you boss. What’s the point?”

Any way you look at it, hope has returned to Perf. A well-needed omen before Metronet so cruelly takes Baysie down.

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