Perth Man All For Improving Infrastructure So Long As It Doesn’t Personally Inconvenience Him

A well-to-do Inglewood swinging dick, is ropable that the Wait Awhile State dared to improve critical infrastructure in such a manner as to inconvenience his preferred route home. 

Some days, it takes Trevor 3-5minutes longer to get to his home after a day of long lunching and practising his golf swing in his corner office. 

This comes off the back of a lengthy existence of hating on Perth’s infrastructure which he often compares to “shithole countries” and/or rural Tasmania. 

It seems Trevor has a very simple philosophy, WA should progress towards the 21st century only when it is convenient for him and him alone. 

“Why couldn’t these muppets get this done when I’m away on a business retreat in Koh Samui later in the year”, Trevor queries as he shakes his head at what he perceives is road workers sitting around with their thumbs up their arses. 

“You never see them working and I’d know I’m down her 3-4 times a day to keep an eye on the project so I can report the unacceptable burden to my mate’s downtown”

A worker on the project says it wouldn’t feel like a normal day without Trevor’s icy gaze from the street. He told The Times,

“Everyday he asked us if we’re finished yet. Like mate, see this giant farken trench in the road? Probably a good indicator we’re not done. Then he starts telling me how sick he is of taking the detour and it’s adding up to 3 minutes onto his commute”

Upon hearing the worker’s thoughts, Trevor was balls deep into another letter of complaint. Repeatedly saying, it doesn’t matter if it’s 3 minutes or it’s 15 minutes, the problem was that it was HIM being forced to change how he did things. 

Trevor paused his letter after noticing reception had dropped out on his phone. He waved the device around while going ballistic about reception in Perth,

“I swear to Christ, I’ve had better coverage in the god damn Amazon jungle than this backward state. Why can’t they just get this sorted???”

Well, Trev, they are probably waiting to see your schedule so they can arrange works to be done without it affecting you. 

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