5 Ways To Make Regional WA Locals Love You As You Wander Out Yonder

Remind them they rely on your tourism dollars – establishing tourist dominance is important in any regional community. How could they possibly survive without your cheaparsery ordering a couple of entrees and tap water for lunch?

Ensure every staff member you encounter is acutely aware, that should your ring not be kissed, you’ll refuse to spend a single further dollar from your purse. They don’t call the saviour of regional WA for nothing, bucko.

Slow your speech, don’t use big words – deep down you wish you were in Bali so why not speak to country folk like English is their second language. They will really appreciate you dumbing things down enough for them to understand complicated concepts like non-cow milk.

Is there a chance they will find this patronising? Of course not! You’re the big, fancy city slicker gracing them with your presence. They are richer for the experience. Remember that.

Complain about the price of everything – similarly, you should really make regional WA vendors feel guilty about how many of those precious tourist dollars you are shelling out. Rather than accept it’s a fact of life that some things may be a bit pricier so far from Perth.

It’s especially important to make every petrol station know exactly how much you EXPECT to pay for petrol and how displeased you are having to spend the extra 7c a litre. Then proceed to clog up the line while umming and ahhing about spending $4 on a roadhouse coffee like the massive tourism turd you are. It’s not like locals have anywhere to be. 

Put their emergency services to good use – you’ve got the MaxTrax, you’ve got the snorkel, you’ve even got fancy little tyre deflators. You were born to be an off-road warrior. Surely you’ll have it made in the shade cast by your Kings awning. 

Wrong. No matter how much gear you’ve acquired it will never change the fact you don’t know how to 4WD. Not to worry, emergency services in regional WA aren’t under the pump or anything. 

Give ‘em something to do as you clog up valuable resources because you went all hard-tyre on a beach you weren’t even supposed to be 4WD’ing on. 

Manifest your unreasonable expectations as a 1 star review – you ain’t no punk. You were formally used to the finest 5-star quality Seminyak had to offer. You know exactly how far your dollar should go and what luxury you should be surrounded in. 

Should a reasonable individual assume a regional WA caravan park doesn’t have all the bells & whistles of a Bali Villa? Well, in your opinion no, and you will have your point of view heard. 

If you’re unable to strong-arm a regional operator into giving you a full discount because you didn’t realise it’d be hot up North in March, then hit em with a one star review. Does this make you an arsehole? 


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