Exmouth Eclipsers Not Sure If They’re Going To An Astronomical Event Or WA’s Biggest Cyclone Party

Models have predicted the tropical low forming in the State’s north has a fair likelihood of becoming a tropical cyclone late to mid-next week. Which is perfect timing for the Exmouth Eclipse event where 25,000 tourists are expected to ascend on the coastal town. 

Given the unpredictable nature of extreme weather events, eclipse hunters may find themselves in the middle of a bit of weather. Even if the cyclone misses Exmouth the rain expected could cause serious issues for the area. It could also cause serious parties in the area. 

We spoke to an American tourist who is coming all the way from Arizona to witness the spectacle. She told The Times,

“We’d love to see the full solar eclipse but to be part of the State’s biggest cyclone party? What a treat. It’s the kind of cultural event that you could only dream of attending. We already have our eyes set on several cartons of bush chook as per recommendations in our forum”

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As always, Exmouth residents are there to lend a hand. With many stating they were happy to have a few extras at their cyclone parties provided they brought their fair share of piss. A local told The Times,

“I remember I had 30 at one party. What was a rager. 25,000 though? Yewww farken beauwwwdy. It’ll be like that Rio Carnival thingo but a lot wetter ha ha”

Accordingly, bottlos are panic-ordering just in case – 25,000 people potentially trapped in Exmouth for a few extra days with severe weather? That’s a carton. 

No one truly knows whether the 20th will see a peaceful eclipse viewing or a raging cyclone party but that’s the thing about the Pilbara, it can go either way. 

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