“Rental Crisis Laid Bare” – NOR Woman Forced To Look At Listings SOR

A NOR woman has made an impassioned plea to all levels of Government after being forced to consider rental properties SOR as the rental crisis continues its grip over the city. 

Still trying to process the sights & smells of The City of Belmont, the woman told The Times,

“You hear the horror stories and you never think it will be you. I have grown up in Scarborough my whole life and honestly, I think I’m allergic to SOR. Whenever I go over the causeway I flare up. Today was very distressing. Why are there so many E-Plates?”

Indeed, the woman was even spotted as far south as Bibra Lake. Her partner in crime explained the human component of this crisis,

“You have to understand SOR is bad for her brand. She’s an inner city/coastal kind of operator. She’ll be crushed under the weight of her own self importance if she’s forced to live out here. Why aren’t the pollies doing something about this?”

Understandably, major SOR stakeholders are concerned too. With one seasoned campaigner telling The Times that he doesn’t want to see the SOR dating pool diluted with NOR scum. Adding,

“Might seem harsh, ay, but our people were never meant to mix. It has been that way for ages and I’d like to keep it that way. The Government should really use some of that surplus to stop it happening I reckon”

We understand that the woman has sought counselling after a day of rental viewings and will be seeking compensation from the WA Government. 

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