Man Who Reduced Staff To Tears Over Plastic Bags Claims He Won’t Use Self Serve Checkouts Because He Cares About Workers & Their Jobs

A Western Australian man who made at least 12 teenagers cry when single-use plastic bags were withdrawn from supermarkets is now making the bold claim that he cares about workers and their jobs. 

Ranting on a local FB group, the man said that the dwindling number of checkout staff at his local supermarkets is really boiling his piss. Here is an excerpt from the rant,

“Just been to local shops and it looks to be fully self serve now!!! Sorry sweetheart but i worked my whole life dont need to do ur job for u!! Never shopping with woolies again… maybe somewhere who cares about jobs… like i do!!1!!!”

His impassioned rant got a virtual standing ovation from the luddites and other troglodytes who all kept repeating they are against the self serve checkouts because of job loss. A claim most experts say isn’t true. 

A member of the group echoed the sentiments, saying she cared so much about supermarket staff and their jobs that she often had to make their life a living hell over expired specials in old catalogues. She added,

“I will always fite for workers rights… piss off woolies makin me bag my own grocereys1!! I shuld be served ! its about human intaraction and good old service on their hands and knesss for this hard working Australian!!!!!!”

Naturally, it didn’t take too much prodding to reveal the real reason for their reluctance to adopt the technology – you can’t scream at a machine to get your way when you’re aggrieved by some petty bullshit. 

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