BREAKING: Clarko runs a red in the team bus, police rule it not deliberate

Alastair Clarkson has caught another lucky break this evening after enthusiastically transporting his winning team to their hotel in the team bus. Witnesses claim he clearly ran a red light however police are unconvinced. 

The incident that was observed by plenty of WA motorists got the green light by authorities despite one motorist saying that it was a clear example of “running a redder”, the witness told The Times,

“Mate, you better believe any one else would’ve got pinged for it. He had plenty of time to stop and the red was definitely red before he passed through. Police conveniently on the other side of traffic simply waved it through, and congratulated him on his victory”

The lucky escape comes off the back of a close Flagmantle game where Freo believe they were denied an opportunity at winning after a dubious kick that many are calling deliberate before the siren. 

A spokesperson for the North Melbourne footy club told The Times,

“Suck shit really. Decision stands. Clarko keeps his demerits and we can all get to the pub quicker to get some piss in. Cry harder Flogmantle”

No doubt the decision for Clarko to run such a dodgy red will be the hot topic in sports media circles this week. Given they really don’t have much else to talk about other than Fyfe’s impact. 

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