Swanbourne Exhibitionist Sues Bottomless Brunch For Misleading Advertising

A Swanbourne exhibitionist was left red-cheeked last weekend after being forcibly removed from a bottomless brunch for taking it a little too literally. Witnesses said the man clearly missed the brief(s). 

Accordingly, the Swanbourne Beach regular has launched legal action against the bar for misleading & deceptive advertising over the term “bottomless”. His lawyer told The Times,

“Clearly the word bottomless is up for interpretation. My client believes he was able to practice his hobby in a prosecco & canape setting. He was sorely mistaken and suffered emotional distress at being told to whack his trouser snake back into bush. He assumed this was a safe & accepting environment”

A witness said that the late morning boozefest was going well until the man arrived just after 11 am. He apparently looked around before loudly exclaiming to the crowd that it was time to “get the party started” and put out an open query to everyone asking “what are you waiting for?” A girl on her hen’s day told The Times,

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“I thought the girls had ordered some entertainment for me. I asked them why they didn’t get some muscly hunk instead of this leathery old hotdog of a man. He was just walking around the joint bottomless asking people to loosen up and if this was their first time”

The bar in question has defended its actions to evict the man saying the context of bottomless should have been clear by the promise of all-you-can-drink Prosecco. Further alleging that no reasonable person would assume an inner city bar would hold a schlongfest at 11 on a Saturday morning. Adding,

“If people wanted a sausage sizzle they’d go to Bunnings. I am still trying to unsee what I saw that day. How’d he get it so wrong? Or so dong, as it were”

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