Newly Single Man Deploys Double-Popped Collar To Devastating Effect 

The early 2000s called, they want their stud back. Newly single man Dave has just put himself back on the market after a solid 20 years out of the game. At first, he was unsure how to tackle the dating scene but a quick look through his FB memories gave him all the inspiration he needed. 

 “You gotta hit ‘em with the razzle-dazzle”, Dave mused as he looked for the best hairdresser in Perth to bleach the living shit out of his tips. Adding,

What do you think a girl thinks when she sees a guy double-dogging designer polos? She thinks he’s a baller and what do you think a girl thinks when she sees those collars popped? Yep, the ol’ feller still works! Ha ha”

As it turns out, Dave couldn’t have been more correct. On his first foray onto the scene, he managed to have entire groups of girls unable to control themselves. We spoke to Kate who almost slipped over on her own gushery,

Wow, I spotted this guy with a double popped collar doing the sprinkler on the d-floor. I said to my girls, that’s a man who can please a woman. I was going to go and speak to him but I guess I was so nervous I couldn’t stop laughing”

Dave has enjoyed success on the streets but also claims to have become an expert DM slider. Adding,

“When I had my old profile pic I’d be left on seen or worse. however once I changed it to the double pop I’m getting replies left, right and centre. They can’t get enough”

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