Dongara Man & Gero Woman Wed In Secret Amid Concerns Of Being Disowned

In a modern Romeo & Juliet story, a Dongara man struck up an unlikely relationship with a Geraldton woman after she was forced to stop in her rival’s town for petrol 3 years ago. 

Jailux was punching a dart a barely acceptable distance away from a petrol bowser when he saw Nangtasha fill up her ute and try to escape the town quickly after snapping up a sausage roll. It was then he noticed she forget to grab some sauce. He told The Times,

“She was a vision mate, did the sexist bushies blow I ever seen. I saw her holding this king-size sausage roll and no sauce. So I yelled out, oi sugartits, I got sauce in me glovebox. Which I always do. We shared that sausage roll like them fkn dogs in that movie ay”

Needless to say, it was love at first sight but both agreed to keep the unholy union between Geraldton & Dongara a secret. Over fears, they would be disowned by their families. Thus, they would each make the 45-minute drive to see each other and exchange plenty of sauces, if you catch our drift. 

We spoke to the only family member permitted at the wedding, Jailux’s brother Tryton. He told The Times,

“Yeah, the scars run deep from that yellow submarine ay. Our folks hate Gero so we hate Gero and it’s just a vicious cycle. Dad always mutters when he’s pissed that he’d rather we marry a woke greenie than a Gero princess. We just couldn’t tell him”

Similarly, Nangtasha’s mum warned her about the various diseases she would likely be exposed to if she decided to dip her pastry in Dongara sauce. She was brought up in an anti-Dongara household and they’d celebrate when the Yellow Submarine was paraded around like an ex-despot’s head on a spike. 

By all reports, the secret ceremony was a success, with Tryton even getting to join in on the consummation. Proving once and for all, Gero and Dongara aren’t so different and perhaps they could all learn to put the hate aside. 

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