Woolworths release grainy footage of Aussie farmer reading a note stating he’s getting a fair deal

Woolworths has hit back at claims it is squeezing the life out of Aussie suppliers by releasing a grainy video of a lamb farmer standing in a dark room and reading a note stating that he’s getting a fair deal.

The video also contains a prominent Woolies flag at the back of the room and in no way has an IS kinda feel to it according to a Woolies spokesperson.

In the 5-minute video, leaked onto the internet by Woolies the man reads a note in a shaky voice, stating,

“I am very happy with the deal I am getting from Woolworths and think the price point at the consumer end is more than fair *voices begins to break* if my family is watching tell them that I’ll be home just after I fill my next order for Woolworths”

He then went on to describe the “perks” of being a Woolies supplier and sang a song about Woolworths being a most glorious leader in the fresh food game. It goes,

“Oh glorious fresh food people! You treat me very good! Oh glorious fresh food people your price per head of sheep is really fair! Oh glorious fresh food people you are my family now”

According to Farmer John’s family, they haven’t seen their husband and father for 10 weeks given the extra work he needs to do just to break even under Woolies onerous contract. 

We asked Woolworths if farmer John was in anyway coerced to make the video. They told The Times,

“Just because someone is holding back tears in a dark room under a Woolworths flag doesn’t mean they aren’t there voluntarily. All our suppliers enjoy making these videos and they’ll read what’s exactly on the script if they know what’s best for them”

Indeed. Woolies has leaked a further 10 videos all following the same format. They differ in the goods provided but they all end the same – with the Woolies song and then a call to the public to continue buying their exorbitant-priced goods if these farmers could have their contracts severed. 

Nobody wants that, after all. 

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