RBA warns cost of a dexie could soon reach $10

The RBA has given its most harrowing warning yet, claiming that the price of a single d-banger could easily reach $10 if spending isn’t reined in.

Accordingly, experts warn that they price could reach $10 by 2025 if extreme measures aren’t implemented now.

Speaking to The Times, the Governor of the RBA expressed her concern at the impact of the inflation on uni students and outdoor setting specialists,

“We’ve only seen these kinds of prices in specific micro-economies such as kick-ons after musical festivals or the 2nd week of exams at UWA but we haven’t seen these prices stay at those heights and that’s what will cause great hardship”

It doesn’t help that the general trend towards dexie prescriptions are decreasing too as doctors search for alternative medicines than legal speed to medicate kids.

We spoke to an academically challenged Uni student who said that without dexies he wouldn’t have passed his introductory units. Much less make it to 4th year Commerce. He told The Times,

“I need at least 3 per study session so you can do the math there. This is going to send me broke. Can we call on the script holders on WA to implement a rate rise moratorium? I’m already getting slugged $5 and that’s buying in bulk! And mate’s rates!”

In the interest of fairness, we tracked down a script holder who said he couldn’t wait for another excuse to up the price tag. Adding,

This is my profession. When my income needs to increase then so do my d-banger. It’s a free economy mate, go buy from someone else if you don’t like it. In fact, the price for you is $10 today for making me sound like a scummy kent”

His words are cold comfort to local legend and self proclaimed king of the outdoor setting who told The Times,

“Mate I’m rioting at $7. Don’t ask me what I’ll do it it reaches $10. Maybe act like the adult I am and not slop around on the toilet bowl of life”

It truly is a bold new world.