The Rock avoids detection in Perth by blending in seamlessly at The Lookout

In a shocking twist, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been in Perth for several days and has cleverly avoided detected by spending the majority of his time surrounded by all the other turbos in Scabs.

Knowing that the media would lose their cool if they knew he was in the City, the ex-wrestler turned mid-actor decided to hide in plain sight. His management confirmed,

“It’s like he’s perfectly camouflaged in Scarbrough. He’s just been spending his days holding a surf board and then hitting The Lookout to talk about creatine and macros. He’s really in his element”

We spoke to a Scarborough local who said she was “kicking herself” that she didn’t realise it was The Rock and not just a run of the mill Perth turbo. Adding,

“They honestly all look like him just a bit smaller. Everything down to the tribal tatts to the juiced up rig. To his credit he was a lot nicer than every other turbo and didn’t invite me back for a night on a step-parents’ futon like most of the others”

Indeed. The megastar has been keeping a low profile and has even mastered the art of standing around a parked Harley looking tough, standing on the hill critiquing surfers and sizing up seccys as he struts down the main strip.

The Rock is likely to appear at the WWE Elimination chamber this weekend. In the meantime, if you want to catch a glimpse of the man, head down to Scabs.

Just don’t approach the wrong turbo.

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