Midvale demands a rematch with Logan Paul after he puss’d out like a coward last time

A year ago, forest-photographer, sugary drink merchant and crypto scammer Logan Paul came to Perth to sell his pisswater.

His minders obviously had their fingers on the pulse and identified the heartland of Perth’s MMA community – Midvale.

However, after doing a bit more research, Logan and his YouTuber mate decided that they couldn’t handle what Midvale would through at them and went running like cowards to a safer location.

Now, word has got around that Logan is back in Perth and Midvale wants a rematch. We spoke to an unofficial community leader in Midvale who told The Times,

“Oh, we want a big ol’ peace of that chicken. You don’t promise to rock up at the 6056 and then go running with your tail between your legs, dog”

Indeed, there has been a simmering resentment in the Midvale community since the ghosting as many wanted to size up the YouTuber and give him a match against a non-geriatric fighter looking for an easy paycheque.

We spoke to Samyewel who told The Times,

“Midvale v Logan Paul in the ring on Saturday night. I’ll be leading the charge and honestly we’ll make the mutt piss. It’s been a long time coming and Perth wants it. Perth needs it. Up the mighty Midvale”

Indeed it would be a great spectacle.

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