WWE Stars enter impromptu Royal Rumble after making eye contact at Galleria bus port

A Galleria meet & greet has descended into anarchy after several WWE superstars made eye contact with some typical bus port riff-raff on their way back to their van.

A witness at the scene described the tense exchange between Randy Orton and a guy calling himself the “king of Morley”:

“This bloke wearing Adidas tracksuit pants asked Randy if he had a staring problem. Randy was quick to tell the guy that he didn’t want a piece of him. Clearly, the king of Morley did”

After some back and forth, Triple H tried to calm the situation by offering the growing crowd of Morley bus types a few signed posters.

His offer was rejected and once a few bystanders pulled out their mobile phones everyone knew it was on as one doesn’t fight at Galleria bus port without documenting the evidence.

Spectators were treated to a Royal Rumble after half of Morley joined in on the fight. It was a magical sight of suplexes, pedigrees, and plenty of RKOs.

However, without question, the star of the show was Rhea Ripley who recognised a girl who had abused her in the Priceline 20 minutes earlier.

A witness described the encounter,

“They say wrestling is fake but these guys were holding their own against a group of people who have nothing better to do than start fights at bus ports. Rhea unleashed the biggest riptide of her career on this petty shoplifter who called her a skank. It was sublime”

While the stars had things under control, it wasn’t until the ominous bell sound rang out across the port and the dead man aka the Undertaker emerged from the shadows.

By all reports, the hulking Phenom quickly picked off the scraps and was the last man standing in the bus port.

Still got it, Undertaker, still got it.

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