Top 11 Signs You’re a Western Australian Footy Fan

When it comes to Footy, Westralia is very much completely polarised however there are a few things both factions can feel a touch of unity over.

1. You can’t hear any criticism about your team without instinctively bringing up the other WA team’s failures.

2. Your back hurts from propping up the entire league and saving the VFL from insolvency in 1987. You also strained it again saving the Grand Final in 2021.

3. You (rightly) consider Perth Stadium to be an architectural achievement in the same league as the Colosseum or Giza Pyramids. 

4. You’re allergic to Eddie McGuire – the Lord Mayor of the VFL.

5. Speaking of, you’ve developed a sixth sense for Vic Bias and can sniff out a single drop in a million litres of salt water.

6. You never have any issues making plans for Friday nights, Sunday arvos a big no go though. 

7. Your frequent flyer points are looking very healthy. 

8. You consider BT the worst sort of traitor (no lower lifeform than a Westralian who forsakes the State and reckons he’s Victorian)

9. You recognise that Burley is the superior football and maybe if they used them players could still actually torp it. 

10. You’ve found yourself considerably more worked up watching a Western Derby than a Grand Final. Especially one supporter base.

11. You still have PTSD from trying to find parking around the old Subiaco Stadium.

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