“Bringing it back” – Twiggy seen cruising towards the OBH with RMW Longhorn sticker plastered across 4WD

Despite being born in Perth, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest has spent a lifetime carefully cultivating a salt of the earth, good ol country boy image. Now he is calling on his fellow Cottesloe residents to wind back the clock and bring back that thick country vibe to the OBH.

According to the mining Billionaire and part-time Bruce Wayne of Perth, country hicks should feel welcome to rock up with their fuckoff-utes with obnoxious spotties & mud flaps and crack a few whips in the car park. A spokesperson for Twiggy told The Times,

“Back in the day, it was like a weekly ute muster and that’s exactly the sort of environment Twiggy would like to stroll around in wearing his Akubra. He is calling on Cottesloe to do the right thing but will offer to buy the venue if need be”

Basically, Twiggy just wants to claim responsibility for preserving another piece of Australian culture while having a very local joint to enjoy his lifelong cosplaying. It’s really not too much to ask. 

By all reports, Twiggy is so confident that the community will respect his wishes that he’s already bought several RMW longhorn car stickers which he has proudly plastered over every car he owns. 

We spoke to a Cottesloe local who is old enough to remember the jackeroo-paradise the OBH was back in the day. He told The Times,

“I think a lot of the current residents would say a return to those good ol days is out of character with the area. I reckon that’s what would make it so good. You hardly see any cattle tags hanging off die-stained hats anymore and that’s sad”

A WA rural living expert said he supported Twiggy’s plans. Even if they were quite evidently self motivated. Adding,

“Country lads don’t have as many B&S balls these days so they need something to do. Some watering hole to gather at and talk about how much a cunnovadog harvest was. Maybe the OBH should bring back that vibe”

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