WA Builder Offers “Pyramid Package” – Will Be Ready For You To Be Buried In 

It’s no secret that WA is experiencing massive delays on the completion of residential builds. It has been a source of frustration & anxiety for many but a new WA builder thinks it has the answer. 

Thus, the “Pyramid Package” has been offered to property owners who are keen to manage their expectations and wait for their literal “forever home” to be built.

The inspiration for the idea came after a builder realised that most WA homes were using enough bricks to build a fkn Pyramid anyway – the rest was history. 

A spokesperson for the builder told The Times that if you don’t roll with the punches in the construction game you are going to be left disappointed. Adding,

“So many people make a big deal about living in their dream home. Well why not take a leaf out of the Pharaohs’ book of the dead and prepare your McMansion for a glorious afterlife”

Not only will your property have all the bells & whistles but the builder is offering to throw in 2 apprentice brickies to be sealed in with you. Free of charge. Now that’s value for money.

A Perth family recently made the hard decision to cancel a contract (at great cost) as they couldn’t afford the additional fees the builder was asking for. Instead of licking their wounds, they changed their perspective. Dennis told The Times,

“It’d be 3 years and then they told us it’d cost about $200k more and I just couldn’t stomach it. Then I found out about the Pyramid Package and thought, well if my house isn’t going to be finished by the time I croak anyway, I may as well make it as nice for in the afterlife as possible”

To sweeten the deal, anyone putting down a 20% deposit on the Pyramid Package before the EOFY will get a free gold-plated canopic chest in which to encase the last of their hopes & dreams that their pad will one day be completed.

In addition to the option being attractive for younger families, the builder encourages boomers to snap up the deal too, telling The Times,

“Imagine the unbridled joy a boomer will feel locking up the property market from the grave. These homes will last basically forever and who is going to want to move into a tomb? Now that’s boomering done right!”

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