WA blamed for builder being unable to finish his grotesquely stacked plate at the Atrium buffet

A local builder has disappointed diners today but piling on more than he could chew on his plate at the Atrium buffet. 

Despite not having sufficient cutlery or mouths to get the job done, the hungry man continued to pile on exquisite seafood and cold meats. 

At one point the builder lashed out and demanded to know where the hell the cheap migrant dining partners he used to bring along were. Claiming it’s their fault he overcommitted to the buffet. 

A diner watching on described the display as “gluttonous”. Being so off put by the display of greed that they had to go and sit at a table. They told The Times,

“Why keep on piling stuff on your plate when you know you can’t get the job done? He had several plates that were full of old food that he hadn’t finished but just kept going back for more”

While some are keen to blame the man and his gluttony others have decided that the blame should fall squarely on WA. A spokesperson for the WA government told The Times,

“Our seafood & dinner roll stimulus package was meant to help the buffet industry keep afloat during uncertain times. We expected every buffet goer to bite off exactly as much as they could chew. Obviously, with this man, that didn’t happen”

WA noted that many buffet diners were able to finish what was on their plate. With several other hungry builders in the dining room praised for their thorough work devouring the feed. 

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