Turns Out Aurora Australis Over WA Last Night Was Just Perth Stadium Testing Light Show

Thousands of stargazers and camera enthusiasts were given a rare treat last night with the Southern Lights putting on a dazzling show. Or so they thought. Alas, Perth Stadium has come out today to claim credit for the show. 

It should come as no surprise given Perth Stadium is known for its shithot light shows that make every Eastern state commentator cream their VFL jeans over. A spokesperson for Perth Stadium told The Times,

“We were just making sure we were ready for the Thursday & Friday night games we never get. We really pushed the boat out to see what those puppies could do and ended up creating a major light event. Looked exactly like Aurora Australis and we won’t apologise for that”

Some sceptics claim that they saw the display far away from Perth Stadium and in a different direction. However scientists now have an answer for that,

“Perth Stadium’s light show was just that good and we imagine some photographers may have been disorientated from the large smoke cloud being emitted from RAC Arena. Much like after the Post Malone/RHCP act at Perth Stadium, there is still a lingering cloud”

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Nevertheless, WA can now add to its tourism booklet that its one of the few locations in the world that can turn on the Aurora Australis with a simple switch. Let’s see the MCG do that. Checkmate, Smellburn. 

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