BREAKING: Funny Smelling Cloud Still Lingering Over Perth Stadium This Morning

A “funny” smelling cloud formed over Perth Stadium during the Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Post Malone concert which BOM has confirmed could be spotted from space. However, what shocked the weather boffins was that the cloud remained over the stadium some 12 hours after the show. 

The cloud which makes anyone who comes into contact with it ravenously hungry for a KFC zinger box has been described as a peculiar phenomenon. A spokesperson for BOM told The Times,

“At this stage, we are still looking into the cause of the cloud. All we know is that the top scientists working at the scene have extremely dry mouths and red eyes. One of them even told a direct superior to, and I quote, ‘relax bro’, when asked why he was laying down and enjoying the feel of the grass”

While scientists are baffled, there appears to be strong anecdotal evidence from people at the concert that the cloud was merely the result of some heavy choofing. Post Malone fans, we are looking in your direction. A concert goer told The Times,

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“I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail my piss test later this week and I don’t even indulge! There was a lot of it going around. I’m not shocked that it formed a massive green cloud visible from space. Mixed with vape clouds of course”

If the anecdotal evidence is to be believed, Perth could be enjoying this cloud for quite some time. Given the sheer magnitude of folks playing a jazz cabbage solo to the sounds of iconic tunes. 

Anyone feeling a little bored today is urged to get down to Perth stadium and then hit the Atrium buffet. You’ll likely get your money’s worth.

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