ANZ Praised For Extreme Honesty On How They See Customers After Private Data Found In Armadale Skip

ANZ Bank has received high praise today after the private data of its valued customers was found discarded in an Armadale skip bin.Industry insiders say such raw and confronting honesty between corporation and customer was rare and invaluable. Adding,

A lot of banks will try to blow smoke up your arsehole and tell you that you matter to them. At least ANZ are making statement, you and your pleb savings account are garbage to us. You are human trash. Unworthy of love, prosperity or a good interest rate”

We understand the move to discard customer data in the common trash has sent shockwaves through the banking industry. With a source close to Commonwealth big wigs revealing,

They are worried they are humanising their cashcows too much. ANZ set the standard or corporate contempt and that should be followed. They are asking, why not literally spit in these so-called people’s faces?”

Another major bank has instructed tellers to feel free to humiliate customers with real-time footage of their accounts beamed onto a big overhead projector.

Other banks he chosen to merely continue with the practice of pinging poorcunts for poorcunt shit like not having enough money in their account. How dare they.

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