East Perth Couple “Christen” Björk Dome To Give It A True Langley Park Welcome

A toey East Perth couple has decided to welcome Bjork’s dome in the most Langley Park way possible. By making sweet love in and around the impressive mega-tent.

The tent is reportedly the largest free-span tent in the southern hemisphere. Which was perfect given old mate Kev’s ability to pitch an epic tent in the park himself. After wiping love-juices from his body he told The Times,

“Some people go for a swim in the ocean every morning. Me and my partner find we feel far more invigorated by connecting our sweaty bodies to the healing grass of Langley Park. We don’t need an excuse but the massive tent really got us in the mood”

WA Police have cautioned the couple and advised that engaging in that sort of activity in public is still illegal. A spokesperson for the WA Police told The Times,

“Thank God the dome is white, let’s just put it that way. I tell you he doesn’t look very hydrated but the man can spray. We’ve had to send down a team of professionals to get the dome cleaned up so that it could possibly pass health codes. What’s this dude eating?”

Björk has however welcomed the gesture and thanked the couple for giving the tent a distinctive funk ahead of her show. A spokesperson for Björk told The Times,

“As you well know, Björk shows are more than the music they are an experience and she feels that the love-aroma left by this randy couple will add to that experience. As the Police said, they really had a lot in the tank and it shows”

Well, there you have it. The squeamish are advised to wear gloves on Friday night as you never know what’s been missed by the clean up crews. 

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